Textile Shredding Program

SALTEX INVENTORY SHREDDING AND RECYCLING PROGRAM   Saltex has been in the recycling business since 2009 successfully recycling over 10 million lbs …


Large Bales

  We offer large bale packaging. cut and uncut wipers for export or large volume users. Bales range in size from 100 …

Saltex - Wiping Rags

Compressed Bags

Industrial Wiping Rags (Wiper sizes vary (12″ x 12″ to 20″ x 20″) CUSTOM PACKAGING: We can also offer custom packaging to …

10 lb box


CUSTOM PACKAGING We can customize your packaging to suit your specific market requirements. BOXES 20 LB & 25 LB Boxes – 20″ x …

Saltex - Wiping Rags

Wiping Rags

We’re not just your average wiping rag company. We offer the best quality, best service and best prices. Our services include but …

Terry Bar Towels (Featured Item)

Featured Item: Terry Bar Towels

16″ x 19″ New White Terry Towels. 100% cotton and hemmed. An upgrade from reclaimed wipers. Their texture and absorbency make them …

Shop Towels (Featured Item)

Featured Item: Shop Towels

Comes in Red or Natural. 100% Cotton 14″ x 14″ hemmed low lint wipers, ideal for the toughest automotive and industrial applications. …


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