Textile Shredding Program



Saltex has been in the recycling business since 2009 successfully recycling over 10 million lbs of unusable clothing per year! Saltex safely contains and destroys any old fabrics and articles of clothing. We also recycle all other products such as shoes, boots, purses, jewellery etc. We guarantee that our process is environmentally friendly, with all destroyed textiles converted into wiping rags instead of being left to decompose in a landfill. Unlike throwing uniforms away, textiles recycling will also ensure that any security information, such as badges, logos, or identification information on the uniforms is properly destroyed. This will protect your company against fraud. Saltex regularly destroys and recycles uniforms and clothing, including:


  • Police & emergency service uniforms
  • Hospital scrubs and gowns
  • Old rental uniforms
  • Security firm uniforms
  • Corporate logo uniforms
  • Designer branded clothing
  • Shoes, boots, purses, jewelry.

Coloured Cotton Wipers

Once the cutting and destruction process has been completed, you will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction. The purpose of this certificate is to confirm that your materials have been destroyed and will not reappear in landfill ensuring a complete chain of custody. We offer two different services designed to suit your budget and needs.

Certificate of destruction fake

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